Lee Bates & Billy Newton



New CD 'Nothing But Trouble' Available Now !! 

One of the Blues In Britain top CD's of 2009!

Available to buy either as a CD (Checkout below) or as a Download.      


Lee Bates: Nothing But Trouble


Brampton Blues (Bates/Newton)

Blood In My Eyes (Mississippi Sheiks)

Cut You Loose (Mel London)

Lazy Day (Bates/Newton)

Bay Rum Blues (Gwen Foster)

Moon Goin Down (Charley Patton)

Feeling Funny (Bates/Newton)

Billy's Jump (Newton)

Blind Willie's Moan (Bates)

Blues For Yesterday (Charlie Musselwhite)

Dynamite (Bates/Newton)

White Trash (Brian Cookman)

Jug Band Man (Bates/Newton/Watson)

Aunt Caroline Dyer (Memphis Jug Band)

She Done Sold It Out (Memphis Jug Band)

Yo Yo Blues (Barbeque Bob)

Nothing But Trouble (Snooky Pryor)

Walking Blues (Robert Johnson)

Well Alright (Brian Cookman)


PRICE- £10



All Talk & No Action

Track Listing

1) Hard Drinkin' Woman (Bates & Newton)

2) Kindhearted Woman (R. Johnson)

3) Keep Your Lamp Trimmed and Burning (Trad.)

4) Mean Ole Frisco (Crudup)

5) Tired As A Man Can Be (Ball & Sultan)

6) Cousin John (S. Terry)

7) Talk To Your Daughter (J.B Lenoir)

8) Let Me Be Your Big Dog (Bates & Newton)

9) Terraplne Blues (R. Johnson)

10) My Last Meal (J. Lane)

11) Tighten Up On It (J. Young)

12) Walk On (McGhee)


Price £10

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